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Why are Shorter Golf Courses Becoming Popular?

Why are Shorter Golf Courses Becoming Popular?

In general, the term ‘golf course’ stimulates the imagery of acres of long lush green patches and ponds in the mind. People familiar with the game from the outside usually relate to this illustration of a golf course only. However, things on the ground have considerably changed in the last couple of years.  While the scope of the game is constantly expanding, the size of the golf course has contracted. Players and business owners both are now more interested in shorter golf courses.

Many explanations can be put forward for this new golfing trend. In this blog, we will outline some of the defining reasons for the newfound popularity of shorter golf courses.

Expenses for Building and Maintaining a Regular Golf Course are Spiraling Out

Golf has always been considered as an elite and luxurious predilection. Golfers are also unapologetic about extravaganza associated with the game. However, times have changed. For many business owners, it is not a feasible option to invest in a regular 18-hole golf course anymore. A standard 18-hole golf course spans over 100 acres of land and sustaining such a humungous facility is not a mean task.

In current circumstances, it has become extremely difficult to acquire that sizable piece of land near urban centers. In addition, maintenance of a golf course demands a tremendous amount of resources. All these constraints have forced resorts and hotel owners to offer executive and par-3 golf courses as an amenity. Short golf courses are providing a better return on investment to the owners without tarnishing the essence of the game.

The Tangent of Affordability

The effect of costly investments and lavish maintenance also trickles down to the people playing golf for recreational purpose. Securing a membership of a state-of-the-art golf course has also become a costly affair, forcing many recreational golfers to opt out from indulging in this expensive hobby.

On the other hand, one can satisfy his liking for the game on short courses in relatively lesser fees and without compromising on the basics of the game.  In other words, the proliferation of shorter golf courses has saved the game from extinction in the realm outside professional championships.

Short Golf Course= Shorter Duration of Play

To complete a regular 18-hole golf course, even an expert golfer needs more than 70-pars. For novice players, the number of pars to complete the course can exceed 100. Basically, an occasional golfer will need to play more than 100 strokes to compete the course. We all are well familiar with the fact that every single golfing shot is played with so much concentration, calculation, and premeditation that completing a single game can eat up the whole day.

For people not playing golf as a post-retirement activity, completing a regular course might not be a practical idea. In contrast, games on executive and 9-hole golf courses allow accommodating other activities in daily schedules.

Decreased Level of Difficulty

Aside from consuming too much time, playing golf on a regular course is not easy for newcomers and occasional players. The terrain in a regular golf course spreading across thousands of yards creates many difficult shots. Golfers who haven’t mastered the art of respective golf swings and shots get exhausted in finishing even a single par.

A difficult game of golf, thus, transforms into an exercise of boredom for part-timers. People who love golf as a healthy recreationally activity opt for shorter golf courses not decked with bunkers and water hazards.

Pros are Also Liking Shorter Golf Courses

Golfers playing with all the intricacies of the game intact certainly know that playing in regular and shorter golf courses are altogether different stories. Different skill set, techniques, and athleticism are required to play a short golf course like a pro.

A debate on the binary of power and control has always been a part of discussions in upper echelons of golf. This debate settles on the fairway of a short golf course, where better control of the ball triumphs over powerful shots. Therefore, short golf courses provide a training ground for championship golfers to further improve their control of the ball.

Shorter Golf Course Ensues a Relaxed Environment

Shorter golf courses provide the leeway to bend and twist the conventions of the game a little. This means people new to the game can play it in the more relaxed manner in the ambiance of recreation and leisure.

For the Sake of Water Conservation

As mentioned earlier, maintenance of a regular golf course requires a tremendous amount of resources. Aside from becoming a burden for owners, the establishment and maintenance of a regular course have also become difficult due to the scarcity of one of the most essential natural resource i.e. water.

Water scarcity has become a global issue. The state of California has faced a famine for a considerable stretch of time. In such circumstances, use of hundreds and thousands of gallons of water for maintaining the acres of lush fairways, putting greens and developing water hazards on a regular course means robbing people of a fundamental natural resource.  Mini golf format, which has been in place in many resorts and hotels, can be played on artificial grass or trough.

For Making Golf a Part of Nightlife

Conventional game of golf can only be played during the daytime. It restricts many recreational ventures to offer golf as a part of their nighttime amenity. With the shorter format and short golf courses, it has become feasible to play the game under the lights. Some facilities have started the night golf played with a different kind of extravaganza i.e. neon light all around and glowing golf balls.

Importance of Golf Accessories is Unaffected

Whether playing on a regular golf course or on shorter fairways, you will need irons and wedges and putters anyway. In addition, some play golf just for the sake of mannerism and peculiarities of the game. Getting into the attire (polo shirt, trousers, and a flat cap) and carrying a bag of clubs is the prerequisite that doesn’t change whether you play par-3 or want to complete a full 18-hole game.





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